Top 8 Ways to Gain Insight From Your Customers

One of the biggest challenges your business will face is finding out how your customers feel about your products and services. Every customer is different. From their backgrounds and interests to their beliefs, they all have diverse wants and needs. Gaining insight from your customers enables you to create better buyer personas.

Better buyer personas lead to more effective marketing strategies. Once you discover the factors that lead a customer to choose your company over a competitor, you have an advantage. Find your advantage with the top 8 ways to gain insight from customers listed below.

1. Give Customers a Survey or Questionnaire

One of the best ways to gain insight from customers is by simply asking for it. Online surveys or questionnaires are one of the easiest ways to ask for insight. Don’t waste trees by printing out paper surveys for customers to fill out. The digital age is here and it’s not going anywhere.

To get started on your survey, brainstorm questions you want answers to. Some questions you might ask include:

  • Which product/service do you like the most?
  • What can we do to improve our services/products?
  • What makes our product/service better than competitors?
  • What do our competitors offer that you like?
  • How did you hear about us?
  • What do you like least about our products/services?
  • Would you recommend us to someone you know?

Although you might have dozens of questions, it’s unlikely your customers will want or have time to answer all of them. Try to keep your questions brief and to the point. You should also try to limit short written response answers to less than 5 questions to avoid a lack of responses.

SurveyPlanet is here to help you create an easy online survey. Create an account to start building your customer questionnaire. You will also gain access to over 90 pre-written surveys if you would prefer not to write your own questions. SurveyPlanet makes it easy to embed, share or send links to your questionnaire to customers.

For even more features, SurveyPlanet Pro is affordable and gives you access to create custom themes, white-label your survey and even upload images. If you’re working with multiple segments, duplicate your survey and tailor the questions for specific segments. If your business is worldwide, no problem! Build your survey in multiple languages. The possibilities to customize your questionnaire are endless with SurveyPlanet.

Once you finish creating your survey, share a link to it on social media, embed it on your website and send it in emails and push notifications. If you have specific surveys for different segments, creating separate email campaigns is the easiest way to ensure your subscribers receive the right questionnaire. After you send the survey, sit back and relax while you gain insight from customers.

2. Use Google Analytics

Another way you gain insight from customers is by utilizing Google Analytics. If your website isn’t already connected to Google Analytics, now is the time to do it. Google Analytics tracks all your website activity. You can gain knowledge about everything from who your customers are to their behavior on your website.

Review your Google Analytics data to find out what your top exit page is. This will tell you where customers are dropping off. If the top drop-off page is their cart, they might feel alarmed by final prices or shipping costs.

Google Analytics will also help you gain insight from your customers based on the pages with the highest bounce rates. A bounce rate is the percentage of viewers who exit your website after only viewing one page. If your bounce rate is high, you may want to implement a better website strategy to encourage viewers to visit other pages on your site. Google Analytics also has a helpful feature that shows the click-through rates for conversion actions like product views, add-to-carts and chat usage.

If you’re unsure how to use Google Analytics to your advantage, ask someone who does or take their free certification course. Google Analytics can help you gain insight from your customers without needing to talk to them.

3. Look at Social Media Analytics

Not only is it a good idea to learn more about analytics from your website, but you should also track analytics for social media. There’s a good chance that the people who follow your social media pages are either a past customer or a potential customer. Their reactions or lack of reaction to the content you post can help you gain insight.

Take a look at your Facebook or Instagram analytics. How many impressions did each post make? How many reactions or likes did it achieve? Did anyone save the post or share it with a friend? Take note of the posts that perform well and the posts that don’t.

For the posts that don’t perform well, compare and contrast them with the better-performing posts. Once you figure out what the difference is, you can understand your customers better.

4. Conduct Interviews

If your company is a little old-fashioned, or you have more of a personal relationship with your clients or customers, consider conducting interviews to gain insight from customers. If you’re already on the phone with clients or customers, ask them if you can take a moment to ask a few questions. You can even conduct interviews in-person if customers frequently visit your place of business. Speaking to customers in-person will result in more genuine answers because there’s no filter or editing involved. Your interview doesn’t even need to be formal. Try having a casual conversation with your customers for more candid answers.

5. Give a Poll

A simple yes or no poll is an easy way to gain insight from customers. Polls are ideal for asking simple questions and getting instant feedback. You can use polls to ask customers if they like new products, or if they are happy with your service. You can even use them to learn more about their preferences. To create a poll, you could use an online survey creator like SurveyPlanet to gather all your answers in one place.

Facebook and Instagram also have options to create polls using social media posts. It might even be a good idea to put your polls on different platforms to see the differences in your audiences.

6. Use Social Media

Social media isn’t just for posting about your new products, it’s also the ideal place to start a conversation. If you’re not using social media to gain insights from customers, you’re missing a big opportunity. Brainstorm post ideas that will encourage followers to give their insight. A simple call to action like “Let us know what you think in the comments” is an easy way to get customer feedback. Not only will you gain insight, but you will drive your social media engagement through the roof!

7. Communicate Everywhere

In the digital age, customers are everywhere. They visit your website, talk to your chatboxes, read your emails, follow you on social media and subscribe to your videos on YouTube. With opportunities for communication everywhere, are you taking advantage of them?

When a customer messages your business on social media or your website, make sure your response starts a conversation. If someone is complaining about a product or service, ask them specific details. Gaining extra insight into certain situations will help you improve down the line. To encourage your customers to reach out more, make them feel welcome to do so. Communication is the key to gaining powerful customer insight.

8. Ask for Feedback After Checkout

An additional place you can gain insight from customers is by asking for feedback directly after a customer checks out. When a customer presses the checkout button on your website, redirect the customer to a survey asking about their experience. Try to keep the survey short and under 5 questions to encourage more users to participate. The checkout survey can help you determine how your process and business can improve. To manage all your surveys in one place, consider embedding a SurveyPlanet survey on your website.
If you’re ready to gain insight from customers to improve your business, SurveyPlanet has 90+ pre-written surveys to help you get started. Sign up for a free account to start learning more about your customers today.

Photo by Richard Kasperowski on Unsplash