11 Tips for Creating an Engaging Online Survey

Surveys serve one primary purpose: to gain insight from respondents. Without a proper strategy in place, you run the risk of creating a boring survey that may lead to a low response rate. But if you create an engaging online survey, respondents will not only provide better answers—they will likely be more willing to participate in the first place. Creating an engaging online survey with SurveyPlanet is easy to accomplish with the following 11 tips.

1. Use a Catchy Title to Entice Respondents

The first step to creating an engaging online survey starts with the title. Instead of “customer satisfaction survey,” why not make the title more specific, like “How was your experience?” or “Tell us what you think and earn 25% off your next purchase” or “Respond now and win!” Give your respondents an idea of what the survey is about and make them want to click on it.

2. Give Respondents an Incentive to Take and Finish the Survey

One of the best ways to encourage people to take and finish your survey is by giving them an incentive. Offer them a coupon for 25% off their next order, a gift card or even a free product. Everybody likes free stuff. If the incentive is good enough, more people will participate.

With distractions everywhere, it’s normal for people to start surveys and not finish them. To ensure your participants complete their surveys, add reminders throughout the survey about their gift once they finish it. You can include little notes after each question like “Just 4 more questions until you get a free makeup kit.” This will motivate them to actually finish the survey. Not only will you have more respondents, but you will get more results you can gain valuable information from.

3. Use Question Branching to Personalize the Survey

One of the unique features that SurveyPlanet Pro offers is question branching. Question branching allows you to give participants certain questions based on how they answer. You can ask your participants a particular question that will then put them down a new line of questions based on their response.

Question branching makes creating engaging online surveys more personalized than with just generic questions. Use question branching to create a unique survey experience with questions that are relevant to the respondent. The condition logic feature with question branching also gives you the option to skip certain questions for participants based on how they answer other questions. To keep participants engaged with your online survey, it’s important to ask them questions they want to answer. Question branching makes it easy to ensure all questions are relevant to the participant’s answers.

4. Add Images to the Survey

In today’s age of social media, visuals mean more than anything. Just like a visual rich Instagram feed, your survey should include pictures. Images help break up a large amount of text and can make surveys more enjoyable. SurveyPlanet Pro gives users the option to add images to each question and even use images as answers. With these features, you can create a survey with minimal text. Use images to replace text or complement it to increase engagement rates.

When asking questions about something visual, such as a recently-purchased product, including a photo with the question will help rekindle the participant’s memory. They might not remember the product’s name, but when they see the picture, they will remember. Images are also a great way to help your participants answer your questions better. The purpose of your survey is to gain valuable insight, so why not give respondents the tools they need to answer your questions?

5. Stay Relevant

To create an engaging online survey, it’s important to stay relevant. Have you ever received a survey prompt for something that didn’t apply to you? For instance, you receive a survey from your favorite local coffee shop about your last experience and all the questions are about tea, but you never order tea. This would probably prompt you to close the survey immediately and potentially even unsubscribe from this coffee shop’s emails altogether.

To save your respondents from a potentially bad experience, make sure each survey is relevant to the participants. This is where you either need to sort your survey participant list, or use question branching to ensure each respondent only receives relevant questions. The more relevant the questions are to the participant, the more likely they will complete the survey. If you need help finding the perfect participants to take your survey, SurveyPlanet Audiences can help you get the results you need from the right audience. SurveyPlanet takes care of finding your ideal panelists, so you don’t have to.

6. Send Surveys at the Right Time

Time sensitivity is also essential when it comes to creating engaging online surveys. You wouldn’t send a survey asking about a customer’s experience three months after they made a purchase, would you? By that time, they most likely won’t remember their experience or have anything worthy to say. It’s important to send surveys when they are relevant. If the survey is about customer satisfaction, send it after a customer makes a purchase. If the survey is about a product, send it after the customer purchases the product. The longer you wait to send a survey, the more likely the participant either won’t take it or will give mediocre answers.

7. Make Your Survey Mobile-Friendly

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, it only makes sense to create a mobile-friendly survey. In 2018, 67% of website visits were on mobile devices. Making a mobile-friendly survey is important because the majority of your survey respondents will take the survey on a mobile device. If you don’t create a mobile-friendly survey, there’s a good chance your participants will feel frustrated and close out of the survey before finishing it. This will provide you with less feedback and a few upset people. To prevent this frustration, use SurveyPlanet to ensure your customers always have a mobile-friendly experience.

8. Use First-Person

Creating an engaging online survey takes more than adding pictures and incentives—the way you write your survey is just as important. We suggest you use the first-person voice. Using first-person gives your participants the sense that you’re talking directly to them. This makes the survey feel more personal, and therefore more engaging. By using first-person and question branching, your participants might wonder if you built the survey especially for them.

9. Customize Your Survey’s Theme

As stated before, humans are visual beings. The more visual you can make your survey, the better. With customizable theme options from SurveyPlanet Pro, your survey can encompass any unique branding. You can also use the customizable theme option to set the tone of your survey. This comes in handy around the holidays or when celebrating certain events. If your company has devoted customers, they will particularly enjoy taking a survey that resembles your brand rather than generic branding. It also helps your survey feel more trustworthy. SurveyPlanet Pro not only gives you the option to customize your survey’s theme, but also white label it so you can host it on your own website with your own logo.

10. Use Emojis

Everybody loves emojis. Brands that aren’t afraid to make their surveys less formal should include emojis throughout the questions, and possibly even the answers. Ask your participants to answer a question by using an emoji. This not only creates a fun and memorable experience, but it makes your survey more engaging.

11. Ask the Right Questions

When creating an engaging online survey, it’s important to ask the right questions. You wouldn’t want to waste your panelist’s time by asking the questions you don’t actually care about the answers to. Dig down to determine what answers you need from respondents and create your questions based on this. Every question should serve a purpose.

With a more engaging survey, expect to see a higher rate of respondents, higher completion rate and better answers. SurveyPlanet Pro makes creating an engaging online survey easy with numerous tools to customize and personalize your surveys. See a complete list of our SurveyPlanet Pro features. To try out our unique features and create more engaging surveys, sign up for a SurveyPlanet Pro plan. If you already have a Pro account, log in and get started today!

Photo by Sam Truong Dan on Unsplash