Benefits of Surveying Your Customers

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Without your customers, you wouldn’t have a business. It’s important to check in with your customers every once in a while to ensure their needs are being met and that they’re having a positive experience. The easiest way to check in with your customers is with a customer satisfaction survey. Regardless of how large your company is, the insight gained from a customer satisfaction survey can be the key to growing a more successful company. Explore the different benefits of surveying your customers and what value it brings to your company.

Gain Valuable Feedback

A customer satisfaction survey allows you to ask your customers all types of questions. You can receive feedback about every area of your business ranging from specific products to customer service. Including open-ended questions throughout your survey also gives your customers an opportunity to dive deeper and share details about their opinion or experiences with your company.

Customer satisfaction survey answers might expose problems within your company or with your products and services you didn’t know existed. You might also discover which aspects of your business are doing well so you can capitalize on it.

It’s important to examine your customer feedback with a grain of salt. Not every customer will have the same experience or opinion. Some may offer great suggestions, while others are welcoming the opportunity to vent. The feedback surveys provide is valuable as long as you use the information to your company’s advantage. Your customers will appreciate your effort as long as you show that you’re listening to their concerns.

Give Your Customers a Voice

Every customer wants to feel heard, especially if they have a bad experience. If you believe the customer is always right, a customer satisfaction survey will help your customers feel special by giving them a voice. If a customer has a bad experience, this may also prevent the customer from making their opinion public. If they can voice their frustrations through a private customer satisfaction survey instead of on social media or a review website, it can help save your company’s reputation. Simply asking customers for feedback shows how much you care about their experience and how willing you are to improve it in the future.

Determine Your Company’s Priorities

The results and insights from your customer satisfaction survey can help you discover which aspects of your business you need to prioritize. Find out how well customer service, certain products, billing practices, order processing, your website and others are doing from your customer’s perspective.

To determine which areas of the business need attention, include a number of questions in your customer satisfaction survey that asks your customers to rate their level of satisfaction on a scale for all areas. Once you pinpoint the particular areas, you can send a follow-up customer satisfaction survey that asks more specific questions about the individual area and help determine which specific problems need addressing. Your customer satisfaction survey can also ask these range questions individually. Use question branching if a respondent answers with a low number to ask follow-up questions about the area to gain deeper insight. Learn exactly what your company needs to prioritize in order to keep customers happy.

Retain More Customers

The more satisfied customers feel with your service and products, the more likely they will come back for more. Customer satisfaction surveys are the perfect way to pinpoint what your customers love about your business and what you need to do to improve. They also help you see customer satisfaction progression over time. If you send out a survey every quarter, you can compare the results to see first-hand if the changes you’ve made based on the feedback are paying off. The happier you can make your customers, the more likely you will retain them as customers. High customer retention is the key to a successful business.

Gain an Advantage Over Competitors

Do you know how your company compares to your competitors? A customer satisfaction survey can give you insight into where your company excels or falls short compared to others in your industry. If your customers like your competitor’s price point better, you can use this insight to reexamine your pricing structure. Asking the right questions about your competitors in comparison to your company can help you determine how to attract your competitor’s customers and win them over.

Maintain Loyal Customers

A loyal customer goes much further than just repeat business. When a customer becomes loyal to a company, they usually praise the company to everyone they know. Word-of-mouth marketing is what helps companies grow and thrive better than paid online ads. With a customer satisfaction survey, you can help your customers stay loyal by listening to their feedback and make improvements to your company. When loyal customers see these changes implemented, they will continue showing their loyalty.

Better Understand Your Customer’s Perspective

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when you’re a business owner. You may fail to see your business as your consumers do. Use a customer satisfaction survey to understand what your company looks like through your customer’s perspective. Open-ended questions become extremely beneficial here. Although multiple-choice questions are easier to analyze in bulk, open-ended questions give you important insight into a real customer’s experience. Make sure not to ask too many open-ended questions or respondents may become frustrated or bored when taking your survey.

Track Feedback About Changes

When your company makes changes to products or services, a customer satisfaction survey makes it easy to track feedback. If you ask questions in your survey about the recent updates, the answers will tell you if those changes were beneficial or not to the customer experience. Without tracking feedback, there’s no way to tell if the changes were beneficial to the company or not. Continue to use customer satisfaction surveys to help you make decisions about additional adjustments as needed.

Establish More Word-of-Mouth Advertising

When a consumer loves a product, they usually want the whole world to hear about it. By sending your customer’s a customer satisfaction survey, you can find out just how many customers are happy with your company. Learn how many people are spreading the word about your products. They may express their love for your products through reviews, posts on social media or just in conversation when chatting with friends and family. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways to spread brand awareness and gain new customers.

Maintain a Positive Reputation

Just like customer satisfaction surveys give your customers an outlet to express themselves, it also shows that you care about what they think. When a company shows that they care about their company’s experience, customers take notice and end up having a deeper appreciation and devotion to your brand. This, as a result, helps you maintain a positive reputation.

Customer satisfaction surveys shouldn’t just be a once-in-a-lifetime idea. Use them regularly to check-in with customers and learn how their needs and preferences change over time. If you don’t stay on top of trends in your industry and your competitors do, it’s more than likely you will lose customers in the process. Learning what the current trends are can help your company develop new products and establish new goals.

Determine the Company’s Success

When a company is unaware of its own customer’s satisfaction, there’s no way to gauge if the company will be successful down the line. Regularly sending customer satisfaction surveys is a good way to determine your company’s future success. When you stay in tune with your customer’s needs and receive positive feedback in your customer satisfaction surveys, it’s safe to say your company has a positive outlook.

If you’re not already sending customer satisfaction surveys regularly to your customers, it’s time to begin. With all of these benefits, you don’t want to fall behind your competitors. Fortunately, SurveyPlanet makes it easy to create your first customer satisfaction survey. You can even choose a pre-written survey to help you get started. Learn what your customers really think of your business and send your first survey today. Sign up for a free account here to get started.  

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