What’s the Best Time of Day to Send a Survey Email?

Congrats — you just finished creating a survey! Now you need to email potential participants about the survey so they can take it. But when should you send the email? By getting the timing just right, you can increase the number of survey respondents, which in turn increases the number of results. Discover the best time of day to send a survey email below.

What’s a Survey Email?

A survey email contains a link to the survey you want your email list to respond to. It’s best practice to not only include a link, but also a survey description, how long it will take to complete and why the respondent should care enough to take it. If you’re offering an incentive, make sure to include this in the email, as well. Your respondents should know exactly what to expect from your survey before they even begin to take it.

Multiple Survey Emails

Plan to send more than one survey email to your potential respondents. To build anticipation, send a heads up email a week before you send the survey email. This email should explain to your contacts that a survey email will arrive in their inbox within the next week. It should also give them a reason why they should take the survey when it does arrive. This step is a good idea if you have a close relationship with the respondents, because it feels more personal than if they were to receive the survey email out of the blue.

After the heads up email, send an email containing a link to the actual survey. This is the most important email you will send in your batch of emails. It should have the highest open rate of them all. Make sure to include what the survey is about, why your respondent should care, any incentives, how long the survey takes and when it closes.

When it gets close to the closing time of your survey, send out one last email to remind respondents who haven’t taken the survey yet. It’s important to separate your list so that you only email those who haven’t taken your survey already. Use a catchy headline like “Last Chance!” or “Only Two Days Left!”

Once your survey closes, it’s a nice touch to send a thank you email to everyone who participated. This shows how much you appreciate their feedback and hopefully encourages participants to respond again in the future.

The Best Time of Day to Send a Survey Email

Now that you know the different types of survey emails you should send to your respondents, it’s important to figure out when to send your survey to get the most responses. Higher open rates mean a higher respondent rate.

First, identify who your audience is. Is your survey business to business,  business to customer, business to students or business to employees? Different audiences respond to different times of the day. For instance, if your audience is employees and they work a 9-to-5 schedule, your best time to send an email survey will be within that window because they are already sitting in front of their computer.

Unfortunately, there is no magical time that automatically leads to a higher response rate. If you regularly send out email marketing, take a look at your analytics to see what day of the week gives you the highest open rate. While this method doesn’t take an email subject into account, it does give you a broad idea of when your email list likes to open their emails. If you notice a pattern of higher open rates on certain days of the week, make a note.

If you have no previous email data to work off of, figure out who your audience is and determine the time of day they are most likely to check their email. You can also send your email based on CoSchedule’s recent study. Based on their findings, the best times to send email surveys are 10 am, 8 pm, 2 pm and 6 am. Although we suggest using your own data first, these times can be starting points. Use A/B testing to send the emails at different times, which will tell you which time ultimately performs better.

The Best Day of the Week to Send a Survey Email

Just like finding the best time of day to send a survey email, it’s also important to send it on the best day of the week. Right from the start, cross Friday through Sunday off your list. Let people enjoy their weekend without more clutter in their inbox. If you have sent survey emails in the past, look at what day of the week produced the most opens and the best click-through rates. If there is an obvious winner, choose this as your send day.

If you have no previous email data to work with, once again, examine your audience. What day of the week would they most likely have time to open an email and respond to it? Most people generally have hectic Mondays, especially at work, so marking Monday off your list is a good idea. This leaves Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Using an A/B test again, try out the suggested peak times listed above in combination with these days of the week to find your top-performing email time. CoSchedule suggests Tuesday at 10 am as the best time to send a survey email, followed by Thursday at 8 pm and Wednesday at 2 pm. The more email days and times you can test, the better your open rate will be in the future.

Other Survey Email Tips

You should also take the subject of the survey into consideration when sending a survey email. If you’re asking for feedback after someone has visited your place of business, made a purchase or ate at your restaurant, it’s important to send the survey email within 48 hours of their purchase or visit. This allows them to respond when their experience is still fresh in their minds. If you wait to send the survey, they are less likely to respond because it’s no longer relevant to them.

Your email survey should also give viewers a sense of urgency. If someone opens an email inviting them to take a survey and they don’t have a hard deadline to work with, they will feel less inclined to take it on the spot.

Your subject line is also crucial for gaining more participants. Let your contacts know your intentions before they even open the email. Subject lines like “We value your feedback,” or “Take our survey and get a $10 gift card” are easy ways to let your contacts know what the email is about. If you’re offering any incentive at all, include that in the subject line to increase your open rate.

You should also explain to your contacts why you chose them to take the survey. Let them know why you want their feedback. This is the perfect opportunity to make your respondents feel special, which makes them more likely to click on your survey.

Lastly, ensure your survey email is mobile-friendly. Most people open emails from their mobile devices. If the survey’s not mobile-friendly, your contacts are less likely to take it. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about making your survey mobile-friendly because SurveyPlanet does this automatically for you.

Create Your Survey with SurveyPlanet

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