How to Use Surveys in Everyday Life?

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Online surveys aren’t just for use in the professional world; you can use them in your everyday life, too. At SurveyPlanet, our online survey platform offers unlimited possibilities for creating surveys. The purpose of surveys is to gain insight to bring clarity to difficult decisions. Oftentimes, our personal lives have more difficult decisions than those we make in the office.

You can use our online survey platform to ask for opinions from your loved ones, coordinate plans or even document important details about yourself. Here are some ways you can use surveys in your daily life.

Getting to Know New Roommates

Moving into a new home is already stressful, but when you’re moving in with roommates you don’t know or you don’t know well, it can enhance the stress. You might wonder what their cleaning habits look like or when they prefer to shower. There are a million questions you can ask your new roommates to get to know them better.

Save yourself from future fights with your roommates over who drank the last bit of almond milk and create an online survey for everyone to fill out questions about themselves.

In the survey, you can ask questions about their living habits such as:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how neat/clean are you?
  • What time do you wake up in the morning?
  • What time do you go to bed?
  • What’s your preferred method for handling conflict?
  • What chores do you enjoy doing?
  • What chores do you hate?
  • How often do you have guests over?

Ask any question that will help you live with your roommates better.

After you find out your new roommate’s living habits, you can toss in a few questions about their hobbies, food preferences, dreams and other personal details you would want to know. Have each of your roommates fill out the survey, including yourself, and share the answers with each other. This can help you all have a good relationship from the start and coexist better down the line.

Planning a Group Trip

If you’re planning a trip for a large group, it’s difficult to make sure you meet everyone’s needs unless you have an organized way to collect information. Whether you’re planning a group trip together or you put yourself in charge of coordinating everything, an online survey can help you collect the information you need to plan a group adventure. This saves you from watching your phone blow up with group messages.

Your survey can ask questions about every detail of your trip, so you can figure out where you’re staying, how you’re getting there, what you’re doing, what you’re eating and when you’re going.

The following questions can help you plan your group trip:

  • List any guest you intend to bring.
  • Check any of the following date ranges that work for your schedule.
  • What’s your preferred method of travel?
  • What’s your budget range for this entire trip?
  • Check any activities you want to do.
  • Do you have any health restrictions?
  • Do you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions?
  • List any types of food you dislike.

Once you compile your list of questions, have everyone involved in the trip fill out their answers. From there, you can figure out exactly when you can plan the trip, what kind of budget you’re working with, what types of restaurants to look for and everything else you need to know. This should make planning your next group outing a breeze.

Choosing a Restaurant for Dinner

Whether you’re having dinner with a small group of friends or a large group, choosing a restaurant that pleases everyone can be hard to accomplish. If you’re set on having dinner together, you can use an online survey to plan everything from the day and exact time you can go to dinner and to which restaurant.

To help you get started, consider asking your group of friends the following questions:

  • Which of the following days/times work for your schedule?
  • Select all types of cuisines you enjoy.
  • Do you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies? Select all that apply.

Once you gather the information from your group, you can browse restaurants that meet everyone’s preferences. You can even send a follow-up survey that lists all the restaurants you came up with and everyone can vote on their favorite. Using an online survey to plan your next group dinner can save you from fighting with your friends over where to eat.

Tracking Your Health

Although there are lots of different apps out there to help you track your health, none of them allow you the ability to customize what exactly you’re tracking. If you want to keep tabs on your health, you can create an online survey that asks you certain questions about your health.

Questions you might ask yourself to track your health might include:

  • How do you rate your quality of sleep from last night?
  • What’s your mood today?
  • Check any workouts you completed today.
  • What’s your overall energy level today?
  • List all the foods and drinks you consumed today.

You can then set up this survey to be sent to you every day. Once you start filling it out consistently, you can easily compare days and look for trends happening in your life. This unique way of tracking your health can help you stay more consistent and might allow you to reach any health goals you may have.

Keeping a Daily Journal

Just like a health journal, you can also use online surveys to keep a daily journal. If you find it difficult to write a journal the old fashioned way or want to focus on only certain areas of your life, using online surveys is the perfect place to collect all your thoughts. Take time to brainstorm a few different questions you want to ask yourself every day.

These questions might include:

  • What was today’s best moment?
  • What makes you feel grateful?
  • What made you feel stressed today?
  • How can you improve tomorrow?

Keeping a daily journal through an online survey can help you become more mindful. If you’re working towards a goal, make a few of your questions about that goal. Use your daily journal survey to help you apply more focus to a certain area of your life. Once you create your survey, set it up to have it sent to you every day. Over time, you can go back through previous journals to see how your life has changed.

Making Decisions

Sometimes making any decision, whether big or small, can feel difficult to do. You might even have a group message you go to for advice when you have a tough decision to make. If you would like to gather other people’s opinions in a more structured way, consider compiling your questions into a survey. This prevents you from blowing up your friend’s phones. Whether you have a few things you need to make decisions about or one major one, an online survey can help you collect feedback from your friends.

Here are some question examples of what you might ask your friends:

  • Rate how well you think this hair color would look on me.
  • Which car should I buy?
  • Which neighborhood should I move to?
  • Where should I vacation this year?
  • Which gym should I join?

When you have a pro account with SurveyPlanet, you can add images to your questions and answers. Help your friends and family answer questions easier with images, especially if it’s a visual question. You can also use question branching to ask a series of questions about a certain topic based on the way they answer the first question in a series. To collect feedback from your friends and family, simply send them a link and ask them to fill it out when they get the chance. This will show that you appreciate their time without overloading their phone with questions and that you value their opinion.

Who knew online surveys had this many possibilities? If you want to try one of these ideas out for yourself or create one based on your own ideas, sign up for an account with SurveyPlanet today. Start creating surveys to use in your everyday life.

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