How to make a quiz online: Five tips for creating engaging online quizzes

If you want to make a quiz that stands out, engages quiz takers, and above all serves its purpose, then it is important to know what methods to use.

Many people are not familiar with the power that a well-composed quiz provides. For example, businesses use quizzes for market research, social media engagement, and lead generation, while teachers use them as a valuable educational aid.

Are you aware of the benefits a good quiz can bring?

Continue reading if you’re wondering how to make your own quiz and which online quiz creator you should use. We will discuss what makes a good quiz, which platforms can help you achieve the best results, and how you can use online quizzes to your advantage.

Online quiz making: Which fields benefit from it?

Online quiz making can be used in many different fields. Teachers use quizzes to make classes more fun and to better track student progress. Big businesses and entrepreneurs use them to grow their businesses by engaging audiences on social media, raising brand awareness, and better understanding market demand.

You can also make a quiz just for fun! A quality free quiz maker like SurveyPlanet allows you to create numerous free quizzes that you can use for pure enjoyment. Make a quiz for friends to find out what your spirit animal is, which celebrity you are, or any other fun topic you can think of.

Whether you are making a quiz for enjoyment or business, SurveyPlanet helps you easily get started. Sign up for a free account and make a lead generation quiz, market research quiz, or a fun personality test!

1. Choose a free online quiz maker with valuable features

Which features should a quality free quiz maker have?

As with making a survey or an online poll, if you want to make a quiz that is engaging and will stand out, you need to have the right tools. Online quiz making can be the fastest way to achieve a desired result, as you can share them easily with friends, colleagues, or clients.

When using an online quiz creator, the first condition many people have is that it be free to use. However, there are many other important factors to consider when you create a quiz. The right platform will offer you just what you need to get a final result that is most useful.

The platform you choose should help you easily create a quiz. Pick one that has different quiz templates and question types that will spark your imagination while also allowing the addition of your own questions and answers.

Additionally, as feedback is the most crucial element of the whole process, make sure you have access to real-time responses, which provides the opportunity to analyze quiz results and learn from the feedback you’ve gathered.

2. A simple user interface will greatly ease the process

No matter the length of the quiz you want to create, or if it is intended to generate leads or help students learn a certain topic it has to be simple, engaging, and convenient for quiz takers.

The same holds true for when you are creating it. If you want to gather important feedback, you need to choose the correct questions and themes. Sometimes it is not so easy, especially if you don’t have much experience in quiz making. That is why it is important to pick a platform with a simple interface, like SurveyPlanet.

Here’s how easy it is to create a quiz at Survey Planet.

First, you need to choose how your quiz will look. You can pick from many different templates and find the one you like the best. Next, it’s time to add questions and answers.

A multiple-choice quiz is the most common, so we advise you to start with this type. Choose among our questions templates, or enter your own question. Then add each answer, and move on to the next question. Keep in mind that you will gain the best feedback with questions that are clear and when quiz takers can only select one option as an answer.

3. To boost engagement, make a quiz that is visually appealing

Another important factor is how your quiz looks. A boring-looking quiz won’t catch the attention of a quiz taker or is unlikely to keep it for long. A quiz needs to be visually interesting and engaging. When you choose a free online quiz maker, choose one that can help you accomplish that.

At SurveyPlanet, both free and pro users get the chance to explore a wide selection of colorful pre-made themes and select the one that best suits their vision. Additionally, by upgrading to the Pro plan, you can make custom themes and brand quizzes with your logo, colors, and fonts.

With our help, you can make a quiz that will grab people’s attention and maintain it until all the questions have been answered. Check out our plan pricing and included features, then choose a plan that best suits your needs.

4. Using the right tone of voice leads to better results

Next up, questions and answers need to be interesting. But what does that actually mean?

That all depends on your target audience. In marketing, it is all about brand awareness, which includes how a brand communicates with its customers. Some businesses will be cheeky, others sophisticated, but the most important thing is to know what works best and to follow it.

Even when making quizzes, be consistent. If your brand has already developed the way it communicates with clients on social media, keep the same tone in quizzes because consistency leads to better brand awareness.

5 Create your own quiz by asking the right questions

Apart from using the right tone of voice, you must ask the right questions. These depend on your goal and field of research.

No matter the topic, any quiz can be fun. The most important thing is to strive to be interesting, engaging, and friendly. On our site, you can find numerous templates for surveys, quizzes, and polls. But if you want to create a quiz on your own, here are a few tips on how to do so in the two biggest research fields—education and market research.

Education research: Well-worded questions lead to better student results

In the education field, quizzes are usually used to evaluate students’ knowledge at the end of a teaching period. Of course, tests and quizzes are mandatory when grading your students, but you can also use them to make studying easier and to help your students learn.

When you make a quiz for learning purposes, user-friendly language and some jokes here and there can loosen up your students and create a friendlier atmosphere. When making a test that is going to be graded, make sure your questions are clear and that answers are not ambiguous or confusing.

Market research: How to create a quiz that will improve your business?

Market research is another important area in which quizzes are useful. Whether you want to evaluate customer satisfaction or better understand whether a new product will work, your customers’ feedback is a great help.

However, keep in mind that quizzes should be different from surveys. A survey has to be engaging, but a quiz should be twice as fun. People love doing personality tests and trivia quizzes, so give them what they want!

Raise your brand awareness with a trivia quiz about your business sector and casually promote your brand while doing it. For product research purposes, make a personality quiz to answer underlying questions along the way.

Say you are a clothing company. Make a quiz that shows respondents the best style according to their personality or favorite decade in fashion. By asking questions about people’s clothing preferences, you are getting thorough market research!

Free quiz maker online: Why should you use a free quiz maker?

If you want to make your own quiz, there are many benefits that online quiz making can bring, but only if you know which features to search for and which free online quiz maker is the best to choose.

Along with numerous ready-made and custom themes—and no limit on questions and answers used per quiz—SurveyPlanet offers many more features that will be highly valuable when you create a quiz.

You can add images and videos to questions and answers, which makes people more willing to finish the quiz. Additionally, you can embed your quiz on your website or in an email or share it via social networks, then easily export and analyze the results.

If you’re part of a big team, then organization and cooperation are two keys to success. With SurveyPlanet, you can share tasks for a project and collaborate easily with your colleagues with our Teams plan!

Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. Get started with a SurveyPlanet account and create amazing quizzes easily.

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