Why You Need a Free Survey Creator?

  • 6 min read

In the past, if someone wanted to collect insight about a product they offered or find out how happy their employees were, they would have to rely on asking in person or dealing with tedious filled out pieces of paper. Today, collecting insight is much simpler. With dozens of ways to collect feedback or gather insight, online surveys offer one of the most convenient and effective methods in the digital age. With the right free online survey creator and questions, you can collect feedback based on any questions you’ve been pondering. Discover the power of free survey creators and why you should try one out.

Anyone Can Find a Use for Online Surveys

Before you assume that online survey creators are only for professionals to use, think again. Anyone can use and benefit from free survey creators; professionals, students, brands, companies and individuals. To start, professionals may use survey creators in their workplace to analyze employee satisfaction or to find out how well their management is performing. Surveys can also be of use for getting to know new employees and exit interviews.

If a student needs to gather data for a research paper they’re writing, they can send out a survey for their peers to answer. Surveys can also come in handy for coordinating group projects to determine the best times to meet or decide which tasks everyone will take on. Professors might even use an online survey to collect evaluations about their teaching from their students.

Brands and companies find surveys useful for collecting market research that can help them determine market trends and find out more information about their target audience. Surveys can also help companies understand if their new product will become successful or how they can improve it according to the feedback from their target audience.

Lastly, individuals can use online surveys in many aspects of their life. If they’re coordinating a group trip, they can use an online survey to find out what everyone’s budget is, which dates to choose and even which activities they should do on their trip. Individuals can use online surveys to ask their friends for opinions about décor for their new house. Thanks to unlimited possibilities, anyone can find a use for online surveys.

Survey Creators are Cost-Efficient

When it comes to conducting research or gathering insight, the cost is often a factor that prevents people from collecting data. If you don’t want to pay a large sum to conduct an in-person focus group session, free online survey creators can offer you the same feedback without the price tag. Although there are plenty of paid online survey platforms out there, if you don’t need the bells and whistles of paid features, a free version will suffice. Even if you decide to upgrade to a paid version of an online survey platform, it still costs significantly less than e.g., a focus group or other forms of data collection.

You will also save money from paying someone to lead said focus group. Instead, the survey itself guides the conversation. Using an online survey platform can save you money since you won’t be printing and mailing paper surveys out. When it comes time to analyze the results, you won’t have to pay a team to sift through responses. Instead, online surveys gather all your information in one spot online, ready to view at all times. If you would like to save money when collecting insight, consider using a free survey creator.

Online Survey Creators are Easy and Convenient to Use

The digital world isn’t only for tech-savvy individuals to use; today’s free survey creators are convenient and easy to use for both creators and survey respondents. On the creation side, online survey platforms offer a straightforward approach to setting up surveys, from adding questions to changing the colors of the survey. They take you through each step, one at a time to make creating a survey easy for anyone to do.

Sending the survey to respondents is also an easy task. All you have to do is email a link or embed it on your website! Once you start to receive responses, they’re conveniently collected all in one place. This means you don’t have to sort through mail or decipher someone’s messy handwriting.

Respondents also have an easy and convenient time answering online surveys they’ve been sent. They can answer the survey any time and not have to worry about mailing in answers. The fact that the survey is online actually increases the response rate because it’s so much more convenient to fill out. For example, respondents will enjoy clicking or typing their answers instead of scribbling on a piece of paper.

Optimized For Mobile Use

With the average American adult spending at least 3 hours per day on their mobile device, it’s more important than ever to ensure any survey platform you use is mobile optimized. Fortunately, most free survey creators are optimized for mobile use on both the creator and the respondent side. This means you can create surveys conveniently and from anywhere on your mobile device. On the other hand, respondents can answer the survey from their phone with the mobile-friendly design.

Time Saving with Templates and Pre-Made Themes

If you don’t have hours to spend creating an online survey or designing it with the right colors, no problem. Most free survey creators offer pre-made templates and themes to choose from so that you can create a survey fast. With pre-written questions, you don’t have to come up with your own questions to ask. You can go through and delete any that aren’t applicable or add any questions of your own. Once you choose the right template for your subject, pick one of the pre-made themes to make your survey look professional and polished.

Online Survey Creators are Safe and Secure

You don’t have to worry about anyone gaining access to your survey responses since online survey creators offer a completely safe and secure place to store information. With a secure HTTPS connection, all data storage applies industry standards by using encryption to keep it safe. Survey creating platforms also practice GDPR compliance – a set of standards that regulate consumer rights to their data. This helps ensure all user data stays out of the hands of the wrong people. Many online survey platforms choose not to sell information or participate in data-mining. With SurveyPlanet, you can trust that your information stays secure with you.

SurveyPlanet Offers Unique Free Features

When you sign up for a free account with SurveyPlanet, you’re signing up for access to an abundance of free features. To start, create an unlimited amount of surveys, ask as many questions and collect unlimited responses per. Quantity is not a problem when it comes to creating surveys on SurveyPlanet. We also make it easy to send surveys. You can embed the survey questions or share them via email; it’s up to you.

Free account users can take advantage of over 90 pre-written surveys to choose from. With this many pre-written surveys, you may never have to write one again. SurveyPlanet also offers the ability to create your surveys in over 20 languages so that language never builds a barrier between you and your audience.

Our free survey creator allows you to collect responses and data anonymously. Keeping surveys anonymous helps respondents feel more secure about providing candid responses. Once you’re done collecting feedback, our platform creates basic in-app reports for you to view.With all of these free features, it might be worth your while to try out our online survey creator for yourself. Sign up for a SurveyPlanet account today to get started!