Why Choose SurveyPlanet?

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With so many different survey platforms available online, it can feel challenging to choose the right one. At SurveyPlanet, we understand – that’s why we want to break down exactly why you should choose us.

With tons of features for both free and Pro users, we offer the tools you need to create an exceptional survey experience for both users and respondents. Discover what makes SurveyPlanet unique from the other survey platforms out there.

Free Features

SurveyPlanet is proud to offer a variety of free features you won’t find anywhere else. Sign up for an account today and enjoy the features listed below.

Unlimited Surveys, Questions and Responses

With SurveyPlanet, you can create an unlimited number of surveys, ask an unlimited amount of questions and receive an unlimited number of responses from your surveys. Feel free to create and send as many surveys as you want, at any length.

Pre-Written Surveys

One of the hardest parts of creating a survey is coming up with the right questions to ask. Whether you have a new employee you want to get to know or would like to send a customer service survey for quick feedback, we make it easy. With over 90 pre-written surveys to choose from, you can save yourself time from creating a survey from scratch. You can even delete suggested questions from our pre-written surveys if they aren’t relevant to your needs. Our pre-written surveys are also helpful for sparking your own questions to ask.


Whether you want to collect anonymous data and responses or send an anonymous survey, we give you the power to keep your surveys entirely private. This feature is incredibly helpful for collecting data. When respondents know they can remain anonymous, they’re more likely to answer honestly and help you gather useful data.

Basic Survey Themes

Creating a survey that looks great has never been this easy. With our pre-made basic survey themes, you can choose a theme that matches your brand or the tone of the survey. There’s no need to spend your time designing a pretty survey – we have it handled for you.

Share Your Survey Via Email, Social Media or Embedding

Want to send out an email with a link to your survey? Would you prefer to share a post on social media that directs your followers to the survey? Or would you rather embed it on a landing page of your website? Whichever option you prefer, SurveyPlanet gives you the opportunity to easily send the survey via email, social media or website to collect answers. You can even use all three options to reach a larger audience and collect more responses.

Create Surveys in 20 Languages

If you want to send a survey to people around the world, don’t let language barriers prevent you from receiving responses. SurveyPlanet can help you create surveys in 20 of the world’s most common languages, allowing you to reach larger audiences without stress.

Opening and Closing Messages

A friendly and welcoming opening message will help you set a great tone to start your survey. At the end, you can include a closing message that thanks respondents for their participation in your survey. These free features can help your audience have a much more personalized and positive survey experience.

Security and Data Protection

SurveyPlanet also offers SSL security on all its surveys to protect any data your respondents provide. You can also feel safe knowing we don’t participate in data mining or information selling. All your data belongs to you and stays that way.

Pro Features

If you want to gain more out of your SurveyPlanet account, we offer a Pro plan that gives you access to even more features, helping you to enhance your survey for more intelligent results and unique survey creation. Explore our SurveyPlanet Pro features listed below.

Upload Images to Surveys and Questions

One way to enhance your survey is by adding images. Images can help set the tone of your survey, and even help respondents answer a particular question. Users can upload images for the opening or closing statements or use them as answers for certain survey questions. This feature becomes incredibly helpful for surveys that need compelling visuals to help make answering questions easier.

Question Branching

One of the most unique Pro features is question branching. Question branching helps you analyze your responses even better by allowing you to present questions based on conditions like how a respondent answers a specific question. Participants will only see the questions you want them to see based on how they responded to a question. This can help you design a unique survey experience for each respondent.

Exporting Survey Results

Once you have collected all your survey responses, use your Pro account to export the results into a Word, Excel, CSV, PDF or JSON file. This allows you to analyze your results in your most ideal format or import them into specific software.

Custom Themes

If staying on brand is important to you, we understand. You can use our custom themes to create a survey that looks true to your brand or the theme of your survey. We give you the ability to choose from different fonts, colors and styles. There’s even an option to input custom CSS for ultimate customization. If you plan on creating multiple surveys using this theme, there’s an option to save the theme for future use. We also offer compelling theme templates to choose from if you’re in a rush.

Export/Print Surveys

Need to export your survey for proofing or to print? SurveyPlanet Pro users can export their surveys so they can print them and hand them out the old-fashioned way, or export for use in another way. Your survey is yours; do what you want with it.

White Label Surveys

Personalize your surveys even more with our white label feature. This feature removes the SurveyPlanet branding and replaces it with your own logo and branding, making your survey consistent with your branding across the board. If someone clicks on a survey for a company they love and it doesn’t have their branding on it, they might question whether it’s a real survey or spam. White labeling the survey prevents anyone from second-guessing if your survey is legitimate or not, providing a deeper sense of trust. The white labeling feature is also a great tool for agencies or consultants who want to offer surveys for their clients that look on-brand.

Survey Length Estimate

One of the best Pro features your respondents can benefit from is the survey length estimate. This gives your respondents an actual estimate for how long the survey will take them to complete. People might feel hesitant to begin a survey if they don’t know whether it will take two minutes or an hour to complete. The survey length estimate saves you from figuring it out yourself and provides your survey participants with an estimate up front so they know what to expect. This can help prevent survey abandonment and increase the number of participants overall.

Survey Completion Notifications

The most exciting part of creating a survey is receiving the responses. Stay on top of your responses by opting in for text messages or email survey completion notifications. These notifications will let you know any time someone completes your survey.

Experience SurveyPlanet for Yourself

Ready to take advantage of SurveyPlanet’s amazing features? Sign up for an account and see for yourself what makes us different. If you love our free features, upgrade to a SurveyPlanet Pro account to gain complete access to the above features and many more. We’re excited to join you on your survey journey.