How to Add Video and Audio to Your Online Surveys?

Online surveys have proven to be a powerful tool that can be used across all industries. Surveys can encompass a wide scope of topics and can be difficult and time consuming to complete. You need your respondents to complete your questionnaires fast and reliably. Embedding video and audio into your survey is a great way to captivate your respondents’ attention resulting in higher completion rate and more reliable insights.

Respondents are more likely to participate in visually appealing surveys that they can finish effortlessly. Embedding audio and videos in your survey can be a great way to achieve this.The end result is a goldmine of data and insights.

Why Embed Videos to Your Survey

Videos can be added to any part of your survey. You can add videos to the welcome message, embed them into a questions title, or even display a custom success video based on how questions were answered using Question Branching. Videos on your survey can be a real game-changer as they can be an invaluable addition to your survey repertoire.

How to Embed Video to Your Survey

If you’re not sure how to add YouTube videos to your question, then we have got your back—you won’t believe how easy it is. Aside from YouTube, you can add videos hosted on other popular video sharing sites, such as Vimeo and Dailymotion into your question text or answer choice field. Here are a few simple steps to embed video into one of your survey questions.

  1. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to upload a video to YouTube. For the purposes of this example, I’m going to use the video: The Curious Life of a Mars Rover from the National Geographic Channel, which we can find here:
  2. Login to your SurveyPlanet Account.
  3. Select the questions icon for the survey you want to embed the video in.
  4. Choose an existing question or create a new one.
  5. Paste the following snippet into the question title text area:

Please watch this video: [ ![Play Video]( ](

Keep in mind that this snippet will embed the example video mentioned above.

To embed a different video you’ll need to replace the two instances of wMnOo2zcjXA with your own unique video id. Here’s how to find that:

  1. Find your video on YouTube.
  2. Click the Share button under the video.
  3. Copy the last part of the url—the part after (but not including) the last slash.
  4. Your snippet should look something like this: [![](] ([](
  5. If you’re having trouble
  6. Don’t forget to Save!

How to Embed Audio to you Survey

  1. To start off, you’re going to need to upload your audio file to your favorite cloud-based file hosting service like Dropbox, Google Drive, and SoundCloud. Sorry, you cannot upload audio files to SurveyPlanet.
  2. Copy the public url of you audio file to your clipboard (Mac: Command+C, PC: Crl+C).
  3. Login your SurveyPlanet account.
  4. Choose an existing question or create a new one.
  5. Paste the following snippet into the question text area: [![Click here to listen](](YOUR AUDIO URL HERE). Be sure and replace YOUR AUDIO URL HERE with your own audio url from step 2.

If you’d like a different color play button we’ve provided a few for your here:

  • Black:
  • Blue:
  • Brown:
  • Green:
  • Orange:
  • Purple:
  • Red:
  • White:
  • Yellow:

Please take note that when the Play button is clicked the audio will open in a new window or tab. Keep in mind that adding images, audio and video is a Pro feature; feel free to try them out and Preview them but if you want your survey participants to see them you’ll need to sign up for Pro.

Adding audio, video or both in your surveys is a great way to give a more engaging experience to survey participants. Keep in mind that the type of survey questions asked has an impact on how survey participants answer the question. By adding audio or video in surveys, you impart that your questionnaire carries a substantial and trusted source of information, among many other benefits. Why not try it on your next survey!

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash